Service Status

We continuously monitor our infrastructure and its related services.

Region Availability Status
DC-New Jersey 99.99% Operational
DC-Dallas 100% Operational
DC-Silicon Valley 100% Operational
DC-Los Angeles 100% Operational
DC-Miami 99.99% Operational
DC-Seattle 99.99% Operational
DC-Atlanta 99.99% Operational
Region Availability Status
DC-London 99.99% Operational
DC-Amsterdam 100% Operational
DC-Frankfurt 99.99% Operational
DC-Paris 100% Operational
DC-Singapore 99.99% Operational
DC-Tokyo 99.99% Operational
DC-Sydney 100% Operational

Status updates and incident reports may be delayed up to 30 minutes depending on the technical issue at hand. Our engineers are always doing their very best to monitor.

Powerful Global Network

HOSTYAP™ offers a low latency worldwide network, enabling you to deploy your service infrastructure in close proximity to your customer base.

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Our engineers and developers are always doing their very best to monitor, maintain and update our infrastructure to ensure high performance and reliability.

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